Homestyler Floor Planner Version5.0

Published March 24, 2023

1. General Features

1.1【General Features】Added the function of drawing arc walls.
1.2【General Features】Added the function of drawing walls by external edge.
1.3【General Features】Added auxiliary line function for drawing walls.
1.4【General Features】Support quick alignment between walls.
1.5【General Features】The wall supports precise splitting.
1.6【General Features】The wall supports independent movement.
1.7【General Features】Support for multi-level alignment.
1.8【General Features】Support for importing multiple dwg files.
1.9【General Features】Unclosed walls will not show yellow dots.
1.10【General Features】The floor plan supports displaying building area, built-up area and net usable area.
1.11【General Features】Added parametric door and window models.
1.12【General Features】External area supports dragging in the Floor Opening and Sunken Ground models.
1.13【General Features】The model of Floor Opening and Sunken Ground added the function of rotation.
1.14【General Features】Flue, Square Column, Cyinder and Riser models support tile flooring customization function.

2. Indoor Modeling 2.0

2.1【Interior Modeling2.0】Added non-proportional scaling function.

3. Construction drawings

3.1【Construction Drawing】Added a brand-new construction drawing editing function.
3.2【Construction Drawing】Added different types of text to construction drawings.
3.3【Construction Drawing】Added different types of dimensions to construction drawings.
3.4【Construction Drawing】Support for adjusting the scale and position of drawings.
3.5【Construction Drawing】Support exporting files in dwg, pdf, jpg format.

Homestyler Floor Planner Version 4.0.6

Released 17 August,2022

1.General Features

1.1【General Features】Optimize the top toolbar of the design interface.
1.2【General Features】The furniture models support the "Arc Array" function.
1.3【General Features】New shortcut key guide for design interface.

2.Full house furnishing

2.1【Full house furnishingFaces created in Customize Ceiling, Wall, Floor and Tile Flooring support axial array.
2.2【Full house furnishingFaces created in Customize Ceiling, Wall, Floor and Tile Flooring support continuous offset.

3.Interior Modeling2.0

3.1【Interior Modeling2.0】Add Boolean operation function in Interior Modeling 2.0.
3.2【Interior Modeling2.0】Add Batch Operations of Extrude, Ungroup and Subtract in Interior Modeling 2.0.
3.3【Interior Modeling2.0】Add "Image Recognition" to automatically generate image contour in Interior Modeling 2.0.
3.4【Interior Modeling2.0】Support attaching 3D text to arc surfaces.
3.5【Interior Modeling2.0】Add vertical text direction for 3D Text in Interior Modeling 2.0.
3.6【Interior Modeling2.0】Support display of custom furniture models in Interior Modeling 2.0.
3.7【Interior Modeling2.0】Support model movement through three axes in Interior Modeling 2.0.
3.8【Interior Modeling2.0】Support the connection of split segments in Interior Modeling 2.0.

4.Custom Furniture

4.1【Custom Furniture】.Custom Furniture supports generating drawers for cabinets.
4.2【Custom Furniture】Custom Furniture supports generating and deleting handles.
4.3【Custom Furniture】Custom Furniture adds "Open.


5.1【Render】Add new "Generic 2.0" Lighting Template for both indoor and outdoor scenes.
5.2【Render】Add more Exterior Images for rendering.
5.3【Render】Add 6 Aspect Ratios for aerial/top view rendering.
5.4【Render】Add 4 Environment Colors for aerial/top view rendering.
5.5【Render】Add Ortho Projection and Camera Angle for top view rendering.

Homestyler Floor Planner Version 4.0.5

Released 28 Mar,2022

1.General Features

1.1【General Features】 View or search tutorials when design.
1.2【General Features】 Optimize the view manager with display settings.
1.3【General Features】 Add import tips for uploading CAD files as floor plan.

2.Full House Furnishing

2.1【Full House Furnishing】Customize Ceiling, Wall and Floor now supports the use of material brush.
2.2【Full House Furnishing】Customize Ceiling and Floor function has expanded the extrusion size range to more than 2000mm.

3.Interior Modeling2.0

3.1【Interior Modeling2.0】Add the Modeling Guide as a beginner's guide to interior modeling.
3.2【Interior Modeling2.0】Add the Loft modeling function.
3.3【Interior Modeling2.0】Add the Curved Array modeling function.
3.4【Interior Modeling2.0】Add the Split function for line segments.
3.5【Interior Modeling2.0】Add the Component function to modify the same models in batches.
3.6【Interior Modeling2.0】Support invert selection command using the shortcut key (Command/Ctrl+i).
3.7【Interior Modeling2.0】Add various New Text Fonts for the 3D Text function.
3.8【Interior Modeling2.0】Added Custom Flip function.
3.9【Interior Modeling2.0】Support selecting the starting point to copy the model.

4.Custom Furniture

4.1【Custom Furniture】The Custom Furniture features is now compatible with Multi-floor function.


5.1【Render】Added the Cabinetry lighting template.
5.2【Render】Support viewing renders in the custom lighting interface.
5.3【Render】The VR mode can now be opened for the web browser on desktop.
5.4【Render】Add a new 2:1 aspect ratio for normal rendering.

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Homestyler Floor Planner Version 4.0.4

Released on January 14, 2022

1. General Features

1.1【Function】Added automatic wainscot models.
1.2【Function】Measurement tool supported in 3D and roam views.
1.3【Function】Supported setting door pocket for single side.

2. Custom Furniture - New Release!

2.1【Custom Furniture】Launched new feature of Custom Furniture.

3. Interior Modeling 2.0

3.1【Interior Modeling 2.0】Added group list to manage faces and models efficiently.
3.2【Interior Modeling 2.0】Supported automatic grouping after using the array function.
3.3【Interior Modeling 2.0】Supported 3D text wrapping input, and now can be moved and rotated flexibly .

4. Rendering

4.1【Render】Panorama added 4K resolution and can be redeemed with coins.
4.2【Render】Supported to upload your own 2:1 image and covert it into a spherical image as the environment for rendering.
4.3【Render】Supported adding text and images in the panorama editing.
4.4【Render】Supported deleting images in the preview window of the design interface.
4.5【Render】Supported video setting of depth of field effect.
4.6【Render-Member Exclusive】Render retouch supported to save the edited image as a new image.
4.7【Render-Member Exclusive】Render retouch added crop in free size.

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Homestyler Floor Planner Version 4.0.3

Released on December 03, 2021

1. General Features

1.1【Function】Model supported precise adjustment of the rotation angle.
1.2【Function】Supported applying the current material to the same doors/windows.
1.3【Function】Supported applying the elevation height to the same doors/windows.
1.4【Function】Supported continuous duplication of door and window models.
1.5【Function】The Measure tool supported display multiple measurement size.
1.6【Function】Added update log link in the design interface.

2. Interior Modeling 2.0

2.1【Interior Modeling 2.0】3D text can be converted into a model, and can be further edited with the material and modeling.
2.2【Interior Modeling 2.0】Added curve drawing in Interior Modeling.
2.3【Interior Modeling 2.0】Added batch extrusion function.
2.4【Interior Modeling 2.0】Supported modifying the width of the light band.

3. Rendering

3.1【Video】Added time frame management in the advanced mode of video rendering.
3.2【Render】Supported changing room names in 720°Virtual Tour.
3.3【Render】Allowed remark on renders.
3.4【Render-Member Exclusive】Optimized watermark removal process.
3.5【Render-Member Exclusive】Supported for upgrading resolution after Lightmix.
3.6【Render-Member Exclusive】Added color temperature adjustment in Lightmix.
3.7【Render-Member Exclusive】Supported saving the Lightmix parameters as lighting template for further rendeirng.

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Homestyler Floor Planner Version 4.0.2

Released on September 23, 2021

1. General Features

1.1【Function】Wall drawing tool supported wall angle setting.
1.2【Function】2D and 3D view added furniture.
positioning line, RCP added lighting positioning line.
1.3【Function】Restrictions on the size of "Floor Opening" and "Sunken Ground" are reduced.
1.4【Function】The baseboard can be applied to all rooms with one click.
1.5【Function】Added multiple Door Pocket.
1.6【Function】"Replace Material" supports restore to the original material.
1.7【Function】Added "Sign Out" function in the design interface.
1.8 【Function】New designs added the automatic save function.

2. Full House Furnishing

2.1【Full house furnishing】Added a new smart "Customize Ceiling" function.
2.2【Full house furnishing】Added professional "Customize Wall "function.
2.3【Full house furnishing】Added free "Customize Floor" function.
2.4【Full house furnishing】“Tile Flooring”Added Guide Lines function.

3. Interior Modeling 2.0

3.1【Interior Modeling 2.0】Added“3D Fillet” function.
3.2【Interior Modeling 2.0】Added“Revolve” function.
3.3【Interior Modeling 2.0】Custom models in My Favorite supported renaming.

4. Rendering

4.1【Render】Supported Batch Watermark Removal(Member Exclusive).
4.2【Render】Render editor supports "depth of field effect"(Member Exclusive).
4.3【Render】Normal pictures added Auxilary lines.
4.4【Render】Added 15 kinds of "Spot Light".
4.5【Render】Added opening animation to panorama.

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Homestyler Floor Planner Version 4.0.1

Released on August 31, 2021

1. General Features

1.1【Interface】Upgraded the brand new User Interface.
1.2【Interface】New entry for Preferences & Measurement Unit setting.
1.3【Interface】Updated the "Beginner's Guide" .
1.4【Interface】Added side menu bar to enable faster model searching.
1.5【Interface】Added transparent wireframe mode setting.
1.6【Interface】Supported function panel customization.
1.7【Interface】Optimized category structure in the replacement panel.
1.8【Function】Updated Interactive Fabric to simulate fabric effect.
1.9【Function】Added elevation view in the design interface.
1.10【Function】Wall opening and niche increased arch height adjustment.
1.11【Function】Models added related category recommendation.
1.12【Function】The model information added Model ID.
1.13【Function】Models supported alignment in 9 ways.
1.14【Function】Model supported horizontal or vertical distribution.
1.15【Function】Model supported scaling by dragging.
1.16【Function】Model supported exact and fast copy with shortcut.
1.17【Function】Supported customized and separate display of hidden items.
1.18【Function】Supported applying current materials to the same models.
1.19【Function】Window sill width supported width setting.
1.20【Function】Models in "My Fav" can be deleted or moved in batches.
1.21【Function】Models in "My Fav" supported to be searched.
1.22【Function】The 3D view supported to use the"space bar" to rotate the view angle.

2. Interior Modeling 2.0

2.1【Interior Modeling 2.0】Supported to switch rooms or display all rooms.
2.2【Interior Modeling 2.0】Customized model supported independent editing.
2.3【Interior Modeling 2.0】Supported to apply materials to customized models while modeling.
2.4【Interior Modeling 2.0】Added scaling tool to customized models.
2.5【Interior Modeling 2.0】Left click to evoke the menu bar.
2.6【Interior Modeling 2.0】Newly added geometric model.
2.7【Interior Modeling 2.0】Added eraser function.
2.8【Interior Modeling 2.0】Added three-point arc drawing function.
2.9【Interior Modeling 2.0】Supported displaying "Sunken Ground" and "Outside Area" areas.

3. Tile Flooring

3.1【Tile Flooring】The angle of the floor tiles supports quick rotation by pressing the "space bar" to rotate 45 degrees clockwise each time.

4. Image & Video Rendering

4.1【Image】Rendered pictures supported "Download Material ID Map".
4.2【Image】Added "Daylight 4.0" intelligent lighting template.
4.3【Video】Video resolution added 540p and you can spend Homestyler coins for it-.
4.4【Video】Support directly drawing curved path and straight path.
4.5【Video】Video rendering added advanced mode.
4.6【Video】The lamps support brightness change animation in video.

Read the detailed introduction&tutorial:

Homestyler Floor Planner Version 3.0

Released 15 Oct, 2020

1. New Design Features

1) Upgrade render resolution to 4K.
2) Add "Speed Preview" which generates a referenced rendered effect in as fast as 3-8 seconds.
3) Add "Customized Modeling" design function that allows you to create basic geometric shapes, building structures like a 2nd floor slate, a spiral staircase or a sunken ground, or even a furniture.
4) Single doors can be "Opened" by left clicking the door and click "Open".
5) Add "render retouch" function for rendered images that allows you to adjust exposure, saturation, white balance on renders as a whole, or even on every specific surfaces without having to re-render.
6) Support adding background music, setting appointment & contact infos with Panorama URL.

2. Optimization of General Features

1) Upgrade CAD import to .dwg 2018 version.
2) Upgrade Export DWG version to .dwg 2018 version.
3) Upgrade 3D model upload version to .max 2020 version.
4) Update a more comprehensive texture catalog.
5) Expand the range of models that support "replace material".
6) Add more patterns for customized "tile flooring".
7) Support endless scrolldown when browsing in model library.

3. Specific Updates on Rendering

1) Add intelligent light templates in day and night.
2) Update more options of 360 degree HDRI environment/background in both day and night.
3) Allow adjustment on the brightness and rotation angle of environment images.
4) Support uploading your own HDRI environment images.
5) Upgrade sunlight settings with softness and auto position.
6) Add intensity setting for Color Bleeding and Ambient Occlusion.
7) Add more options of spotlight, allowing a more customized lighting set-ups.
8) Allow hightlight and color setting for each light source.
9) Enhance the rendered effect on shadows, allowing the render to be more natural.